Character Summary

Name: Adeline Houde

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Occupation: Almshouse Widow

Social Class: Third estate

Financial situation: She is living in a poor house called the Almshouse. There, she has to work everyday for rest of her life inorder to sleep, eat, and have a shelter. Therefore, she doesn't have any land or property in her name.
Appearance: Short, and very thin with brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears very dull colored loose onepiece, with white clothing on top. She ties her hair neatly every day. She has very rough hands due to working such as sewing and cleaning.

Location of home and/or business: A small town near Vincennes in Paris

Habitual locations: Paris

Daily routine:
Sun rise: Wakes up and makes breakfast with other ladies
After breakfast: cleans up the place
After cleaning: Goes out and work on the field
After field working: Prepares for lunch
After lunch: Sews shattered clothes
(usually my son visits me after lunch)
After sewing: Prepares for supper
After supper: Her daughter comes to meet her and talks to her a little
After meeting: sleeps

Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: Is very calm and doesn't like to share her thinkings to herself except to herself. Blends with others, and hates to be sparkled.

Past/ Family History: She was born from a poor farmer family. Couldn't get enough education and had to do chores all her young period. She got married to a poor farmer but died.

Family: Husband is not alive died because he was murdered because he stole something. Has one daughter and a son who is apparently a thief. However, she does not know that he is a thief. My daughter is very ignorant and doesn't visit me often.

Religion: Catholic

Education: Didn't receive enough education when she was young. She doesn't know how to read and write.

Style of speaking: Very mannered in speaking to others. Is very shy and doesn't talk to a lot of people because she didn't receive enough education.

Main privileges and/or conflicts: She has to work for the rest of her life even though she is in a very old age. Even though she is very old and tired she has to work.

[Woman on the left that looks old and carrying a cup and a mug.]

Diary Entry #1

March 15, 1788

Dear Diary,

As always, today was a very exhausting day for me. I had to wake up early in the morning inorder to make breakfasts for all the people in Almshouse. I started off the day with a prayer to God because he is here we are here. There are 20 people living in Almshouse, but we didn't have enough food to serve for everybody. Therefore, the women had small portions of food, and men had equal amount of food. I wished I had at least one day to eat when I can eat freely and rest all I want. Even though, I live in a place where I don't have to worry about food or shelter, I have to work all day without no rest. The only time that feels like heaven to me is when my lovely son Gustave Houde. He is a handsome son that has every thing and skills of a young man. I really hope that he can get married this year for he age is currently 17. He nearly comes everyday and we love to talk to each other. Everytime he comes, he brings me food and some news of the outside world. I hate to go to the outside world, it is very noisy and scary. I have to go now because I have to prepare for supper and distribute food to everybody.

Adeline Houde

[A picture of Almshouse, the place I am staying]

Diary Entry #2

September 9, 1791

Dear Diary,

These several months are the deadliest periods of my life. The third estate are angry, and is seeking for a revolution. A glorious revolution that can bring bread to everybody. Food has become really scarce, where the price of bread have jumped 50%. My only daughter, Marie Houde came to visit me after I ate my second meal. She came to ask for some food. I had to tell her that I couldn't give her any food because it wasn't mine. Almshouse didn't have enough food to serve everybody, and how could I possibly give her food? Was she thinking that I should give her my food? I will not give any food to her, not even a crumb! Marie wasn't the nicest daughter you would want. She rarely visited me, and everytime she visited me it was for a purpose.

Right after Marie left really angry, my sweet son Gustave came to visit me. I love when he comes to visit me almost everyday. I told him about Marie's conflict, and how I would love if the third estate to have equal rights as others. Even though, I was scared to go outside and interact with other people, I loved France. I was truly a loyalist of France. However, my son disagreed. He wanted democracy over monarchy. He wanted peace all around France, and I believed that we should have a king who can do all those stuff. I truly don't get why we have to change the government. If we replace the King Louis XVI, to more leader-like king it would be better.

Adeline Houde

[Bread is now gone]

Diary Entry #3

November 25, 1802

These days, I live with joy and laughter. My dear country, France is no longer under a stupid leader, King Louis XIV. France is now done with monarchies. Even though, women don't have the same rights with men, all men have equal rights and freedom. Napoleon is a great leader who knows what the people want.

That afternoon, I went to the market to get some food for the people. There, I met a poor fellow who was apparently smiling in his situation. He was a boy who looked as if he was around 17. His name was Jean-Pierre Dupont. A very poor peasant who was struggling to live. I asked him why he was smiling. He said that Napoleon made some changes like tax collection more fair and equal, new public schools for ordinary citizens, but the one change that excited him the most was all french citizens had the same rights.

When I went to buy some vegetables, I saw a cook looking so enthusiastic as he was picking his vegetables. I told him, you must be having a great day sir, and he said it was because he's now able to buy ingredients for his food. His job was a cooker and his name was Adrien verdi. I wish that everyday can be like today with joy and laughter.

Andeline Houde


Profile is good: 10/10
Diary 1: no link to student wikipedia 9/10
Diary 2: 10/10
Diary 3: image is inappropriate -- obviously modern. 9/10