Name: √Čric Kruger
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Occupation: Butcher
Social Class: 3rd Estate

Financial situation: I am financially stable and I can get my family fed on a daily basis.

Appearance: Dark skinned white man, very skinny, dirty teeth with about 8 remaining
Location of home and/or business: Small shop/Home in Ville d'Emerainville
Habitual locations: Butcher Shop

Daily routine:
5am-5:30am: Wake up, wash up slightly, and get shop ready
5:30am-7pm: Work at the shop with a bread or two during the workload
7pm-8pm: Family dinner
8pm: Sleep and get ready for tomorrow

Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: Gets bored in his shop when there are no customers so he learned how to spin his butcher knife with his hand; When feeling nice he would give extra meat to his customers

Past / Family History: Great grandpa passed down the shop to him by generation by generation.
Family: Wife, Daughter and a Son
Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings about them): Very nice to people within the same estate and in the 2nd estate to show respect and to try and get some back from them.

Religion: Christian
Education: Very little education from childhood

Style of speaking (i.e. formal, "down-to-earth", crude): Grammer is terrible from lack of education, but is very nice when socializing

Main privileges and/or conflicts: Gets to eat meat once in while as a special treat / occasional hecklers in his shop

Portrait (avoid anachronisms -- clothing or objects in your portrait that are from the wrong time period):
external image Louis+Anquetin+-+The+Peasant.jpg

Diary #1
Dear Diary,

Life is getting tougher as tax is getting higher, but I am still managing to get on with life and take care of my family. Everyday I must wake up at 5am and smell the air of my meat-filled shop. Today while I was cutting the cows and pigs for my business some weird looking person came into my shop. He demanded me for twenty pounds of meat, but I refused. So the thief took me by the side and held me down with a knife pointed straight at me. I didn't know what to do, so I let him have as much as he wanted and he took off. Wow! I can't believe that actually happned though, Someone just came in and took away my precious meat. I thought to myself to let it go and I figured I would just have to work twice as hard that day. However, right after the thief left, a peasant came into my store and asked for a small piece of meat to feed for his family. I didn't know how I would say no, but after I was robbed many pounds of beef, it was a hard decision. Yet, for some reason I let him have two pounds of beef free of charge. Today wasn't a good business day for me, but I hope it will get better tomorrow.

Diary #2
Dear Diary,

That robbery was really harsh on me. I worked the hardest in my life yesterday and I've never been so tired. As a matter of fact I cut up so many pieces beef after advertising like crazy that I had to go to the knife sharpener. There they made my knife as sharp as a machete. As soon as I got back from sharpening my knife though, I saw a strange looking guy in my store. Right then and there though I realized he was a royal guard, and there I said with a nervous, yet clear voice, "Do you need anything sir?" To my surprise though he was as nice as anyone else I met on a daily basis. He asked for ten cows worth of meat so that he could bring it back to his camp to feed his army. I packaged the meat all in one neat, tidy box and handed it over to him. He handed me the money and even gave me a small tip. I thought after this the day couldn't have gone any better, but it did. A cook came to my store and he told me that he was looking for a compromise. He said that he would come to my store regularly and buy several stacks of meat, but in return I must make it affordable for him. It looked like a positive direction for both of us. Today was definitely a hundred percent turn around from yesterday and I could really use more of these days.

Diary #3
Dear Diary,

The war and fighting has finally ended and I've never been so happy in my life. Life is starting to become more stable again after King Louis XVI has been decapitated and Napoleon has rose to rule. Nationalism has never been so great in our country. Even so, our new king is a very stern and strict leader and limits us in many different ways like the Continental System. After this, Napoleon sent an invasion force through Spain to get Portugal to accept the Continental System. These are two costly mistakes he had made, but I am going to trust him even if he is always hungry for battle and for land. The only reason that this scares me is because I'm thinking that this might lead us into more taxation and make us work even harder. Even the newspaper editor has been spreading rumors about how Napoleon is a strong leader with several goals such as making our empire the most powerful one. However, the newspaper editor even stated that Napoleon wouldn't stop at whatever cost. However, as long as Napoleon does whats best for the country in the end, I will not mind the struggle I will have to precede through.

No illustrations for Diary entries.
Profile: 10/10
Diary 1: 9/10
Diary 2: 9/10
Diary 3: 9/10