Diary entry #3


It has been a long time since I had entered Napoleon's army. I was forced to, if I say it right.
Most of them were volunteers, but the rest were forced to, or had to, because of pressure they got from the people.
I am a canon ball charger, currently in the army. It is the most safest but the most dangerous too. If the line breaks, it takes a lot of time and power to move this thing back to base, this will be the first target the enemies aim. Well, since I survived in various wars, it's either God saved my ass or I am good at this.

I have various friends whom survived at this war. One of them was a royal guard, but got recruited after Luis XVI died. Oh, yeah, Luis XVI. He is finally dead. I was at the moment his neck got cut by guillotine. I wasn't really happy when he died though. I had a certain feeling that this is going somewhere wrong. After another man called Napoleon got power, I realized that my instinct was right. Everyone began to recruit in the army, but I didn't. After a few day, some soldiers came to my house and gave me a paper that I was recruited to Napoleon's army. Well, what could I do. That's why I am here.
I miss my wife and my son. He should be at least 2 years old.
Maybe I won't be able to write this tomorrow. If someone finds this, pass this to my family at F' de Rossery cheese factory.
It's time to go now. I love you Camille. Take care of my boy.


Diary entry #2

16, June, 1789

Terrible things are happening. The things that shouldn't happen. I've heard about enlightenment spreading through out France, but this not the revolution I thought about. It is a bloody, chaotic revolution. People have taken over King and Queen. The urban people have the gun power and they are shouting for revolution when the country people are fearing that the anger could reach to us. So am I. I've bought some ammunition. Couple black bee and revolver. Just in case.The guns are everywhere these days. It's really easy to buy or have them. I fear that this country has gone mad. Couple of months ago, I heard that some group of hungry peasants went to the castle and broke in to get food.
Monsieur Benoit is missing, but Madame Allegre and Mondemoiseau Tomas is safe. Tomas is staying in his home, and Madame Allegre is staying with her family. They are my workers. I told them to come to my house if there is any problem. Monsieur Petit, the farmer, is planning to make an escape route to my house just in case, because I have high fences, stronger house and an escape route. My parents made my fences and house strong because there was a thief who broke in to my house several years ago. It was done after my parents died. Anyways, I agreed to it. Camille is staying over my house. She and I are in relationship. We are going to marry next year. I just hope this ends as soon as possible.

Diary entry #1

16, April,1788.

It's been a while I began to write the diary. It seems really girlish and stupid, but it is effective to maintain by mind firm. Today was Monday. As always, I woke up at 6 o clock, and did my things. You know, ordinary things when you get up. I dressed up, and had a simple breakfast with a baguette and some cheese. After that, I went to check my cheese storage with a torch in my hand. As always, everything was in place. There were total 4 cheeses that are going to be fully fermented today. Every time I see them getting out, I'm proud of myself, and my workers. The cheeses we sell are the best qualities. Especially the fermented ones. They are the best quality cheese that we made over generations. There is a rumor that some of the high - class likes the cheese I make. I swept some of the dusts on the ground with a broom, and went outside to get a nice, fresh air. It seemed about nine thirty, estimating time according to the sun. I had about 30 minutes before the milk comes, so I went to the workshop and checked if everything was okay.

The milk finally came. As usual, it was Camille, daughter of the farmer. She is my childhood friend. There was something special today. Along with the milk, she gave a basket of cookies. I said "¿Comment saviez-vouscookie a étémon préféré? (How did you know cookie was my favorite?)" "Nous avons étéun ami d'enfance,¿vous vous souvenez?(We were childhood friend, remember?)" "Oh, c'est vrai,vous savez tout surmoi,de toute façon, ¡merci! (Oh, right, you know everything about me, anyways, thank you!)" "Vousn'avez pas àme remercier, stupide. (You don't have to thank me, silly.)" In case someone thinks that this is weird, I write this to remember and think most of the things that happened. After that, I paid for the milk, returned the empty bottles, and she carried on. I usually get 3 bottle of fresh milk in total. What I was worried about is that the price of milk was going up. It wasn't just the milk, it was everything, including taxes. Yesterday, I had to pay the double amount of tax to the taxer. As a result, I have to raise up the cheese price too.

Basile didn't really like the prices going up every day. He comes to my cheese factory every Monday. He is also my Childhood friend. He couldn't complain or say anything because everything was going up too. He grinned, paid for my cheese and went away. Oh, my, my candles are getting really short. I will soon write other part if I can.


Name: Felix Martin

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Occupation: Cheese maker
Social Class: 3rd Estate
Financial situation: Able to eat 3 meals per day. Not so bad.
Appearance: Dark brown eyes, brownish - white skin, brown hair, normal height, (1 m 78 cm) not really skinny nor fat.
Location of home and/or business: A small village outside the Paris city called F' de Rossery at east. It's close to paris.
Habitual locations: Lake Near the village.

Daily routine:
6:00~6:30Wake up when the sun comes out, and wash face.
6:30~8:00 Breakfast
8:00~9:30 Check out the number and placement of cheese at the cheese storage.
10:00~10:30 Get the fresh milk from the farmer.
10:30~11:00 Lunch
11:00~5:00 Work on making different kinds of the cheese, but mainly, the common ones.
5:00~6:00 Work on the cheese recipe.
6:30~8:00 Dinner
8:00 sleep

Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: non-emotional. Critical. Swears a bit. Quiet and generous most of the times, but gets serious when have to.

Past / Family History: Had have making cheese for 7th generation.

Family: One sister and brother who have bar near here. Parents died in a flu few years ago. Grandparents obviously died long ago.
If I include workers, than there are more. Total 3 of them. Mr. Bennis makes cheese with me, and Mr. Brown is in charge of cheese storage, and Ms. Blanc is charge of number related job, such as money calculations. I make cheese and I am in charge of overall jobs, and I am the only one who knows the secret recipe.

Social relations with your own and other classes : Monsieur Petit. The farmer. He is emotional, funny, likes to drink, and provides me the best quality of milk he can get. Has 3 daughter, a wife, but no son. He have known my father, and was a friend of his. He is also the friend of mine.
The tax collector. I do not know his name, for I don't like him very much. He takes too much taxes.
The merchant, my closest friend, Basile Fournier. He comes by every Monday to get my cheese, not because I am his friend, but because my cheese are the best quality with the low price. He is quite cheerful. Sometimes hangs around with me at my brother's bar. He is not very rich, but he is beginning to grow up.
Camille Petit. She is the oldest daughter of Mr. Petit's family. She is an childhood friend whom I lived with. She has a blond hair, green eyes. She hangs around with me to the lake, fishing. I don't know why, but it doesn't really matter.

Religion: Non- religion. Do not believe in god for he had not saved my parents.
Education: Poorly educated, but able to read, and write, but not very well. Poor at mathematics too, but good at addition and subtraction.
Style of speaking (i.e. formal, "down-to-earth", crude): Normal accent and normal emotions. Almost always more positive then negative emotion.

Main privileges and/or conflicts: Privileges - A secret recipe which was passes over generations. Also an all known cheese brand for a long time. I have a storage perfect for cheese, and 3 workers to help me. Conflicts - Since the tax collector knows I have more money then the others, he takes more tax from me.
role- make cheese from the milk.
in touch people - farmer
have - mixing machine, a house, a storage for cheese, and a place to put cheese longer so it can be better
Could have farm and cheese is ONE of the products I make.
Or my brother/sister have a farm and milk cow, and he transports me the mils left over for the day.3 brothers. One is charge of farm, one cheese, one is charge of selling those things to the market.
Or, I could buy the daily milk from the farmer and produce it with the labors.
*not so wealthy, but surviving

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