Journal Entry #3

Dear Diary,
Times are still tough, but today, I am a happy man. The nation may have been in turmoil and famine during the entirety of my life. However, today I am a happy man. I am happy because my son finally receives a proper education. Napoleon, the man far more superior than that Robespierre finally passed the law to provide education for those as poor as us. I never could even dream of such a day. Finally my son could grow up to become a man far more educated and wealthy than myself or any of my descendant. He will be able to earn enough and save us from this famine.
Tomorrow will be the first day of school. Lucie Petite and I were just talking recently about the excitement through the streets. Many were happy for this opportunity, but others were furious that their sons would not be able to with them in their labor. My son was never much of a cook, and since I had nothing to teach him, this was my perfect opportunity.
Unfortunately, there are certain aspects that I am disappointed about with Napoleon. Bernard Vigneron were recently talking and discussing our individual right. How could he have that away. We spent ten years of out lives, soldiers, and food, in order for that cause, and now he just tears it away form us. The benefit of having lower taxes did please me again. I can now save money, and buy more food, and goods. Things are not yet back to normal, and in fact the city worries about Napoleon’s wish to expand our nation, but steadily, little by little, I think I can see improvement if we follow the Great Napoleon.

The School

Journal Entry #2

Dear Diary,
The smell freshly baked bread once again floods the streets of Paris, but so does blood. After my wife and the army of women marched into Versailles to reclaim the flour that is rightfully ours, blood has run through the streets. I had never seen my gentle, pure hearted wife act with such rage and ferociousness. They ripped through the walls of the palace, annihilating the royal guards, and charged for the Queen and the storage rooms. It was first the Bastille and then this. We no longer just debate ideas and cry out complaints, we do what we say, and I fear that it has brought out the worst in us.
When the King and Queen were moved to Paris and the famine improved, the restaurant flourished with customers. Of-course, it was not as packed as it was during the days of my father, but after the famine, this was absolutely splendid. However, all too soon eyes began to dart at one another, in fear of who would be the next. After Joseph-Ignace Guillotin created the Guillotine, Maximilien Robbepierre increasingly began to execute more and more traitors every passing day. Those who are even slightly suspicious of being anti-revolutionary was decapitated. My customers always had an eye on their back, constantly waiting for someone to let down their guard.
If I am not mistaken, there have been word circulating that Jean Martin, the Pig farmer, was soon going to be on trial. According to Gilbert Dupont, my close friend and Butcher, Jean Martin is too quiet, and often kept to herself. I thought she just shy, but people are suspicious that she is hiding secrets, and working for the Prussian Army. This did not make sense, Jean was always shy, even before the famine began. It was just the tense atmosphere that was getting into everyone’s mind. I was more worried for Gilbert. He is a close friend, but if word spread of him helping the nun, a member of the first estate, by providing food and shelter, people may suspect him of being a traitor. Today even suspicion can kill.


Jounal Entry #1

Dear Diary,
TImes are getting tough. After the last war, the economy is really taking a hit. My customers are paying so much money on behalf of the King, no one comes into the restaurant anymore. I have put up signs and even lowered the price, but even then, no one. I can not blame. I don't have enough to even eat my own cooking. If this keeps on going, I'm not sure if the restaurant will even survive.
It's that stupid blubbering Kings fault! He gorges royal feasts for every meal in his elaborate Palace, and yet we consider ourselves fortunate if we even have a loaf of bread to share between the family. Alix, my youngest son, is starting to grow too weak and has fallen ill. The malnutrition is having a great impact on him and I only fear the worst. Éric Kruger has been extremely generous lately, giving us more meat than asked in order to feed our son. I owe him so much. However, that Baker on the other hand. I know something is suspicious. Often when you look through his shop window, he is never there and yet he seems to be the healthiest amongst us all. He always tells us about how limited the bread is and that is why bread is so expensive. But I know, I know that he is stashing a separate pile for himself.

Link with Another Class Mate

Name: Adrien Verdi
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Social Class: 3rd Estate
Financial situation: Currently Struggling from the high price of Flour. It costs to much to cook.

  • 170cm tall
  • Broad shoulder and a pot belly.
  • Long hair that is always tied up when cooking.
  • Dextrous hands.

Location of home and/or business:
- Neuilly
Habitual locations:
  • Neuilly

Daily routine:
7a.m: Wake Up
8-10a.m: Ensure that all fresh ingredients are brought in for the day
10a.m - 3p.m: Cook the lunch meals.
3p.m - 5p.m: Eat lunch, and clean the restaurant.
5p.m - 7p.m: Cook the dinner meals.
8p.m: Sleep

Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits:
  • Short Tempered
  • Rude with a nasty sense of humor

Past / Family History:
  • Come from a long line of cooks. The restaurant was passed down from one head of the family to the next.

  • Father recently past away and left the restaurant. Mother now just rests, but occasionally helps with the chores. Wife and two sons help with the handling of the restaurant.

Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings about them):
  • The Butcher - A close family friend. The two families often did business with one another.
  • Cheese - I often complain about the high prices the Cheese maker charges.
  • Baker - I am suspicious of the Baker, suspecting that he is personally stashing bread, and over charging me.

  • Catholic

  • Learnt how to cook from my father.

Style of speaking (i.e. formal, "down-to-earth", crude):
  • Crude

Main privileges and/or conflicts:
  • I have access to cheaper raw products, but with the starvation people are suffering from, and the terrible economy, the family struggles to eat our own cooking.

Portrait (avoid anachronisms -- clothing or objects in your portrait that are from the wrong time period):French-Chef-45338.jpeg

Profile: 10/10
Diary 1: Only one link, and not integrated into your diary. 8/10
Diary 2: " " 8/10
Diary 3: No hyperlinks. 7.5/10