Name: Jacqueline Marseilles
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Countess
Social Class: Second Estate
Financial Situation: fairly rich. Money has been slowly decreasing ever since husband's death.
Appearance: has rich, long brown hair that hangs gracefully on her shoulders. It is usually curled up along with an accessory, such as a flower. She has a deep, serious face. A look of longing and sadness. She has brown hazel eyes. Wears a long dress with patterned silks, bows, frills, ribbons and other trims. Full sleeves just below the elbow and the body was tightly corseted. She has a long neck and a plump body.
Location of home: Château de Versailles
Habitual Locations: usually found around the outskirts of busy Paris
Daily Routine:
Wake up at 10am.
11 am: eat breakfast with kids (made by servants)
12 pm: stroll around the park or town.
1-3pm: find and support charities
4pm: come home and play with kids
5 pm: dinner
6 pm: look after maids or servants
7 pm: tuck kids into bed
8-10 pm: parties
11 pm: sleep
Personality (unique) traits:Too gentle. Does not talk much. Polite. Shy. Charitable
Past family history: married to Court Marseilles until he died from tuberculosis on July 17, 1786. Parents are commoners (bourgeoisie).
Family: Widow. Mother of 3, a daughter and 2 sons.
Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings about them):
- pities the third estate, but does not do anything about it. Also prejudiced against the third.
- is respectful towards the first estate, but does not honor.
- casual towards the second estate.
- treats servants with kindness,
Religion: Catholic
Education: knows how to read and write french with elegance.
Style of speaking: formal, uses "soft" words. Speaks proper french.
Main privileges and/or conflicts: sometimes looked down upon because she is a widowed countess with three kids. (Does not know where she belongs, 2nd estate or 3rd estate)
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Day 1

November 8, 1788
I woke up today feeling dazed and faint. I loathe the early signs of winter.. The year is 1788, and I began my day by almost tumbling down the stairs to the arms of my children. I remembered my plans with the philosophes this afternoon, and checked with my peasant to see if my land will be well presented today. The land was granted to my by the king, Louis XVI. I don't understand why the people's view of King Louis XVI is so negative... he provides me with money and land! Clearly, he would do the same for others too.
After checking in with Victor, the carter , and Jacques, my horse, I proceded on with my day with a stroll around the castle. But suddenly out of nowhere, the royal guard barked at me about not sharing my money with the poor. Fuming, I stomped away from the gate and guiltily glanced around at the beggars and starving children on the street. Sadly, the guard was right. I bought a slice of bread from a nearby shop and handed it to a family of 5. They kissed my feet and I blushed.
Walking back to my house, I saw that I already had a visitor. Paris Alderman, a famous philosophe was waiting by my door and I greeted him with a gentle hello., we discussed light politics. I've never approached politics before, for women are not usually allowed. But I was intrigued by his ideas and by the time other philosophes came to visit, I was secretly listening to their conversation as I entertained them with comments. But as sad as it is, I think this will be the last time I'm involved with the ideas. One can only hope for more...

With love, Countess Jacqueline Marseilles

Party with Philosophes
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Day 2

July 16, 1789
The whole day, I lay in the corner with my children. Huddled against the wall with fear, tears, sweat, and prayer. How did it come to this? Just a few weeks ago, everything was in order. Life was good. Everyone I knew were smiling, eating, and having a good time. Until those blasted peasants came wrecking havoc in every house and street. How I cast my hatred on them. They chased my children into the corner. Praying that their lives would be saved each day.
As the towering mob marched past our land, I looked out the window to see people carrying weapons... Many of them I recognized... Sadly, there was the courtier who I favored very much. Her dancing was lovely. She entertained many of my visitors and I myself. But she looked so different with the gun in her hand. Very menacing, compared to the soft, charming girl I saw the other day. Her look was vicious and determined. She lost her touch of tenderness.
There was also the knife sharpener who visited my house the other day. She was kind, and very good at sharpening knives. One of the best person to talk to (3rd estate of course). Open minded, but there was a very rebellious feeling in her. She seemed to have a hard life, and I was feeling generous, so I gave her some extra money. She looked very happy... but now... she was frowning, lifting the heavy weapon and struggling to get up the hill. Suddenly her head snapped toward my direction and we made eye contact. Immediately, I pulled my head back inside the window and sat against the wall. My heart was thumping and the thought of the execution of the french aristocrats repeated in my head.
I am thinking of fleeing from France. I will bring my children, my belongings, and i will be like the rest of the émigrés. And I will come back when the third estate calms down. Possibly after the Declaration they'd all been waiting for... maybe then, I'll come back.

With hope and fear, Jacqueline Marseilles

the view outside my window
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Day 3

November 27, 1803
I had a meeting with my close friend today, so I called my wig maker over. We had a nice chat about Napoleon; what he did and how it affected us. Even though nobles didn't benefit from Napoleon, I am very fond of him. I was feeling pitiful toward the peasants for awhile now.... many of them were starving around the streets. And Napoleon changed it! Even my wig maker is now affording to feed his family. He seemed content, happy. That was new, and I thank Napoleon for it.
About noon today, I took my daily stroll around busy Paris. I visited my baker, to pick up fresh bread for my friend. It was the baker I usually went to, but when I walked in, I immediately felt.... common. Before, she used to wear old and tattered clothes in the bakery. Now I realized that we looked almost.. indifferent! We looked fed, healthy and we both wore dresses. Perhaps the distribution of wealth became equal as well..
I met my friend on the sunny street of Paris. We chatted, we hugged and gossiped. On the topic of Napoleon, she scrunched up her nose and waved her hand away. When I tried to persuade her why he is great, she just scoffed. After we parted for lunch and re-met later, she told me about a thief who robbed her as we parted.... It is I who scoffed this time.

With content, Jacqueline Marseilles
what the bakers looked like / how they look now

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