Name: Olivia Bonnet
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Occupation: Courtier
Social Class: Third estate
Financial situation: Not poor; King and loyal people give me some money if they enjoyed my show and I solve my meal in the feast with kings and loyal people.
Appearance: Have really black eyes, very skinny, and look mischief with brownish blond colored hair.
Location of home and/or business: Must be in the Paris region, but doesn't have to be IN Paris: (Use these maps to find your neighborhood: Map of France, Map of Paris )
Habitual locations: I live with my friends in the small room of castle which is in the Paris.
Daily routine:
9:00 Wake up.
12:00 As nobles, kings, and queens have lunch often together, I get to go there too.
6:00 Have luxury dinner with 1 states.
Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: I have manic depression so my mood changes all the time, but I love making friends so I become very energetic, hyper, and bouncy. I am really generous and kind hearted so feel pity for people who is poorer than me, but I don't help them though. Always eager to to anything new.
Past / Family History: Dad, mom, older sister, and me. Dad and mom was second estates, but we had some loan to get over, and by paying lending, we became brok.
Family: Not married yet.
Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings about them): I work for especially for the most top of first estates because of my job of course. The irony thing about this jobs is like I get a lot of money than farmers or merchants, but still in 3rd estates.
Religion: Protestants.
Education: Because my family was used to be in 2nd estates, I got full course of education for my age, but still, I have got a lot more to get through.
Style of speaking (i.e. formal, "down-to-earth", crude): Due to that I got high quality of education, my background, and place where I live (Palace), I could speak very formal languages, but yet, I could speak very rough words if I need to.
Main privileges and/or conflicts: Since I live with royals, I start to lose confidence in my self, and being surrounded by educated rich people, I lose all my self esteem.
Portrait (avoid anachronisms -- clothing or objects in your portrait that are from the wrong time period):
one who has ribbon on with blue dress.

Diary 1
I guess I really work hard for my job: Courtier. My leather gloves ripped out from dancing. These days, I am short on money because I used it all for my new dress and that dress was so expensive, and to make matter thing worse, cost of bread gotten up too. I can't feed my self properly now. The thing about courtier is that you have to participate at the parties or banquets whoever and whenever they want you. Anyway I went to Tanner to get my new gloves. Wowie! What a boy there! My friends always talked about how the Tanner was handsome, but bit stinky. I've never seen him, but I was very curious about him since I heard about him a lot. Yes, he was handsome, but the smell was... a rather disturbing so I went out of the store saying I was busy. I know I was being mean, but the smell was so bothering me that I could not see his face appropriately. Well I did not really lied to him that I was busy as I had a banquet afternoon so I had to get there early. When I get back at home, I told my friends what I did and they were all surprised. They said every girl in the town was going for him! I wonder why. Aw I have to pick up the gloves,well I will take my friends with me tomorrow. Suddenly, I think I am keep thinking about the man...imgres-1.jpeg

Diary 2
imgres.jpeg I didn't get it. The whole world is in chaos, my love, Tanner is taking part in this mob of killing and stealing my masters' house. At first, I wanted him to stop being violent and with treat them with love then he explained me about why this class conflict has burst out. Now I understand what first estates and second estates did to Tanner, my friend Miller, and me too. Persuaded by people, finally, I found myself grabbed a gun and marching and joining with the angry mob.

Dairy 3
Finally France was ours. A person called Napoleon came and became the ruler with other 2 people, now that I am so tired I don't really care what they do, I mean, I went through such a many things. Even though the revolution was for me, I lost so many things, as first and second estates emigrated to other places and Countess, Jacqueline Marseilles, she was the person who understands me. The only good that came to me is that my estates, everyone's estates went higher. BenoƮt, friend of mine who is a day labor; also attain higher status. As in the picture, we are still in chaos, but we all believe that Napoleon and 2ruler to lead us well. Well,,,from now on, my life would get easier, right?;)imgres-2.jpeg

Profile: Generally good, but needs a location of your home. 9.8/10
Diary 1: 10/10
Diary 2: 9/10 Quite short. A little more effort would be good.
Diary 3: 9/10 "