Name: Marie Thérèse de France

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Occupation: Oldest Daughter of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette

Social Class: Royal family

Financial situation: Very wealthy

  • Short
  • Chubby
  • Young looking face
  • Brown hair
Location of home and/or business: Live in France in the Palace of Versailles

Habitual locations: Palace of Versailles

Daily routine:
7:00 a.m.: Woken up by the servants in the palace
7:20 a.m.–8:00 a.m: Eat large breakfast with my family
8:30a.m.–10:00a.m.: History class with my individual teacher
10:00a.m:–10:30a.m.: Greek Class
10:30a.m.–11:00a.m.: Latin class
11:00a.m.-12:00p.m: Freedom from being inside the palace
12:30p.m.–2:00p.m.: Large feast with my family and other noble guests
2:00p.m.–4:00p.m.: Rest time (play with my Bichon Frise and my siblings)
4:00p.m.–4:30p.m.: French Class
4:30p.m.–5:00p.m.: English Class
5:00p.m.–6:00p.m.: Banquet
6:00p.m.–7:00p.m.: Read book
7:00p.m.–9:00p.m: Play with my siblings and get them to sleep
9:00p.m.–7:00a.m.: Sleep until next day

Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits:
  • Very good behavior
  • Quick learner
  • enjoys reading
  • have a good manner to parents

Past / Family History: My father is the king of France King Louis XVI of France and has been ruling since 1774.

Family: Daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, also have 4 siblings: 2 younger brothers Louis-Joseph and Louis-Charles and 1 younger sister who died at the age of one.

Social relations with your own and other classes: As a daughter of a king, and in a royal family, it is very hard for me to get along with other people since daughters in a royal family do not get to meet with other people who are not included in a royal family.

Religion: Roman Catholic

Education: Receive a lot of education from father. Learning many different languages and skills on literacy rising every year.

Style of speaking: Speak with manners with a very clear and loud voice. Shouts at siblings often.

Main privileges and/or conflicts: Not allowed to leave the Palace of Versailles without permission and forced to take all the classes every day.

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Diary Entry #1

February 16, 1788

Today was the same as usual. I woke up on the time that no one else in my age would wake up at. I could not believe I was 10 years old, it felt like I was already 20 years old married already with children. The day started with the load of classes that I need to take for the day. Now this system got used to me and I enjoyed studying, also being able to have more knowledge than the day before. My morning was disastrous. When I got down to the dining table, my youngest brother Louis-Charles began to cry. Before my lazy father King Louis XVI made an action, and made my brother be quiet. I felt like I had more power than my whole family.

The next few hours of my day flied by quite quickly. During my free time, I decided to leave the palace and go to the dressmaker shop to retrieve my own dress that I have designed for myself. I told my most favorite coachman to take me to the shop. During the peaceful ride though, many people who were in the third estate began to speak unpleasant words towards me. The word I kept hearing was taxes and felt they were not so bright while they spoke those words. After I retrieved my gorgeous dress I decided to get back to the palace to question my father about this "tax" the people were talking about. However, the banquet took place, and as usual I had to wear the best dress, put on luxuries, get my hair done, and put on the finest boots I possessed.

With curiosity, after the banquet I questioned my father about taxes and he explained how he taxed the third estates which requires them to pay their money to the first and second estate including the royalty. After all the classes were done, my free time finally came and I enjoyed my time except my youngest sister died last year only when she was one years old due to convulsion. I still feel very sad to loose my dear sister in such a young age. I still wonder if she ever knew me and my family before she died. I still have two brothers who are very energetic and I would play with them to fill in my extra time along with my Bichon Frise.

My day ended slowly by myself reading a book of my choice to increase my skills in literacy. Due to the increased skills in literacy I am capable of writing this diary today.

My youngest sister Sophia Beatrice de France
My youngest sister Sophia Beatrice de France

Diary Entry #2

March 19, 1789

The last time I have written my diary, the situation was very peaceful, but this period is when the French Revolution began. About a year ago, everyday I would stay in the Palace of Versailles and take my study courses while playing with my siblings, but in a year everything changed very quickly. Life is not great right right now. After the Storm of Bastille, my enjoying life came to an end.

I have not carried a calendar for a month, but around 4 months ago I believe, huge mobs stormed Bastille. After the prison was captured by the people, I was shocked with such event to occur and at that moment, I believed that something even worse would happen and my prediction was absolutely correct. The peasants rebelled against the nobles and the royal families which includes my family. When the peasants began to attack, I was terrified since I was still young and did not understand why the peasants would do such thing. When the peasants eventually came to the Palace of Versailles, with great reflexes, I escaped the palace and ran off towards the West.

During my escape, I met up with the dressmaker who constantly made dresses for my mother and some for myself and managed to hide from the violent peasants outside the house I am currently in. I am now separated with my parents and did not hear any news for the past month. I no longer dress up as a daughter of the king and look very similar to what a peasant may look like. For the past weeks I visited the baker for lots of bread with the left over money I possess.

I wish to hear some news about my family soon.

The Palace of Versailles where I lived in until a month ago
The Palace of Versailles where I lived in until a month ago

Diary Entry #3

July 8, 1805

During my stay at the house of my dressmaker. I was able to retrieve lots of news of what happened to France while I was staying in the house for the past 6 years. The French revolution has ended with France no longer with king Louis XVI as throne, but now Napoleon Bonaparte is in power as a very strong ruler.

Well, the past 12 years was not very pleasant for me and have had some suffering during the 12 year period which I will never forget until the day I will die. The Jacobin have murdered my parents using the guillotine. The day I figured my parents were killed was a year after their death. Myself as the daughter of Louis XVI, I was not able to meet my father, mother, and brothers before their death and could not even meet them after their death. Such deadly act is very unforgivable. After Robespierre was death sentenced by the guillotine I felt way better, but still want to see my family if their bodies are still somewhere in France. I fear the remaining Jacobins may want to find and kill me, but I wish they never do.

After Napoleon ruled France, everything just became chaotic. Even though I never tried to leave my dressmaker's house, I constantly visited the newspaper editor to collect the recent news out. It seems Napoleon is a very good ruler to change the orders of the citizens with more rights excluding the ones the citizens won during the revolution. I hear Napoleon has failed in seizing Saint Domingue and sold Louisiana to the United States for money, which I believe means more war will occur soon. It seems more chaos will occur than this and wish to leave France soon.

The guillotine which killed my father Louis XVI and my mother Marie Antoinette
The guillotine which killed my father Louis XVI and my mother Marie Antoinette