Name: Michael Sylvestre

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Occupation: Estate Manager, work under duke

Social Class: 3rd Estate

Financial situation: He receive payment from his boss count, with the money he could provide his family with 3 meals a day but its still little so he often cheat on duke and take out some money from the tax he collects.

Appearance: He have round face, shark nose, short graying hair that is falling off. He have a huge dark circle around his eye as he often can’t sleep well.

Location of home and/or business: Must be in the Paris region, but doesn't have to be IN Paris: (Use these maps to find your neighborhood: __Map of France__, __Map of Paris__ )

Habitual locations: Live in paris in duke’s castle.

Daily routine: Wakes up in 7 and start doing his paper work while eating his breakfast, after he finish he takes a stroll around the town asking people for tax if they have not paid yet. After he is done he will come back to his room and start another paper work and in 11 he would drink some wine and go to sleep.

Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: He is quick with thinking and very knowledgable in literature as he love to read when he was young. He doesn’t have lots of friend because he have sharp tongue and foul personality.Very logical.

Past / Family History:HIs parent is both dead but he was educated well by his family as they had lots of money for 3 estate. He is married to daughter of a farmer who was his childhood friend. He is best friend of Anatole José Bousquet.

Family: Wife one son and one daughter.

Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings about them): He hates his boss count and he doesn’t like hanging out with people. He prefer being alone.

Religion: Catholic

Education: He was well educated by his parent and have read lots of book and taught himself.

Style of speaking (i.e. formal, "down-to-earth", crude): He speaks in very formal way he had learned from the book and playwright.

Main privileges and/or conflicts:

Portrait (avoid anachronisms -- clothing or objects in your portrait that are from the wrong time period):


1st Entry

Today I started my daily routine on count’s paper work. That lazy pig have forcing all his paper work on me and attending to fancy party to woo some young countess or young maiden. Hah! laughable action isn't it? With his ridiculous lacy cloth and his foul face he won’t even be able to woo a mouse in the kitchen. Lazy arrogant pig he should realize that he looks like a pig wearing a lacy cloth with powdered face. He has been using the money on himself like water which is just wasteful as it seem that his sense of fashion is getting worse. Fortunately he seem to get stupider as time pass as I could easily steal his money like yesterday where I had stole 100 guinea right under his nose.
After I had finished half of the paper work I took my daily routine on strolling down count’s land.More and more houses seems to struggle to pay the rising tax and smell of death lingers everywhere. More peoples are on the street begging and as usual lots of dead body lying around. Crops seem to be turning really bad with no profit and farmers are on street looking for other jobs. The house that have not paid there taxes have increased worse cold seems to go around the town and taking life of child and old man. Today was a day that is no different then yesterday except it is more depressing each passing day, it seems that price of bread have gotten higher and now I am having trouble feeding my family every three meals. I might have to think of other solution to solve this tomorrow.

2nd Entry

Today I woke up with a cry of mob breaking into duke's manor. Fire, blood, cry, shouting everywhere it woke my whole family and we ran around in chaos. Farmer with pitchfork and gun shoot at the worker in the house and they were tearing off picture and breaking precious vase that decorated the house. I quickly send my wife and son and daughter out through the window and told them to go to cheese maker who lives near by and only person I could trust around here. After I saw them safely out of the manor I ran toward the closest duke's safe and put all the gold and money into leather bag I carried. The fire was spreading fast in the manor and I thought I was about to die. After I escaped I safely reunited with my family in cheese shop and we quickly found a room in tavern. The street was full of angry mobs and blood were everywhere. Among the farmer few were holding out lance high above there head and on one of them I found head of the duke I worked for. His white round face was now dripping with blood, his eyes were wide open showing white of it. They cheered and laugh at the dead bodies.Even thought he was stupid, ugly and mean and I hated him for my very soul, I felt sorry to him as much as I hate him I know he still was a innocent man who doesn't have a gut to kill even a fly. That night I watch the duke's manor being burnt down, I watch place I have lived for 13 years crumble to nothing but black ashes. I saw the irony of most influenced man record being gone forever just in one day by people who he believed harmless to him, Anyways I need to find a safer place to live.


Reign of Terror still hunt the road and paint them red. Cursed guillotine is still soaked in blood but it seems after this Na, Napl, Napoleon took control it seem France have gone better. Even thought the price of bread is still high and money I stole from duke is gone. I have much better life here. I got a new job in parliament and have more wage then I worked for Duke. I also gained more free time and I was able to spend my time with my family, which we have became very close after the revolution. It seems that I have become brighter according to my wife but I’m not sure. But I do have more people talk and laugh with in the bar now. Of course my best companion is Anatole José Bousquet who is a jolly fellow I came to like quite a lot. His cheerfulness must have influenced my and changed me. We talked about lots of thing with glass of wine but we mainly talked about war we are currently on, Even thought I like how our current leader is leading us, too much war have made me nervous as my son will shortly become full fledge adult and he might be scouted for troops. After a while before we part we cheered wishing for better future for our dear country France

Profile: Good, but needs a home location. 9.8/10
Diary 1: No links, no image. 7.5/10
Diary 2: No links, no image. 7.5/10
Diary 3: No links. 8/10

Diaries need better proofreading.