Name: Marie Charlotte Houde
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Occupation: Knife Sharpener
Social Class: Third estate
Financial situation: average; She has enough profit to support herself and but has a very unstable financial support. Sometimes, there aren’t enough customers.
Appearance: She has thick black eyebrows with medium green eyes. She is dirty blonde hair with some wrinkles.She is little tanned and plumb.
Location of home and/or business: In the Paris region
Habitual locations: She used to live in the Almshouse widow but now she traveled different cities searching for customers. She mostly stays in any place where settlement is possible.
Daily routine: (During summer)
4:00 (when the sun raises): wash with dirty water used for three days straight.
5:00: old, hard half of a bread
6:00: Pack food and necessary materials
7:00am-7:00pm: Travel around a specific city and walk around the city streets shouting “Knife sharpening~! Knife Sharpening~!”
8:00: goes to find a settlement
9:30: eats the other half of the cold old bread and wash
11:30 (When sun goes down): go to sleep
Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: Very autonomous, pugnacious. Grown in a harsh environment caused her to be sometimes pugnacious but extremely independent in the wild alone. She has been rebellious after going through all the stress and loss of her father.
Past / Family History: Father was a thief beheaded after getting caught for multiple times. This cause her to be very rebellious and independent. Also as the eldest sibling, she had to go through all the pressure.
Family: She has one brother Gustave Houde who is 17 years old. His jobs is a thief.Her only parents is her mother Adeline Houde. Her father died when she was 7years old.
Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings about them): She has no relationship with the second and the first estate but maintains a high relationship within cooks, thieves, and cheese maker in different cities. Sometimes she has alliance with her brother and other thieves for profit.
Religion: Catholic
Education: Has only rudimentary knowledge. Knows basic education such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Also knows how to read and write.
Style of speaking : French but a very unfriendly language. Her background caused her to live strong and harsh.
Main privileges and/or conflicts:
-By helping thieves, she is hatred by the first and second estate.


Diary Entry #1 - June 30th, 1788

It was just another day of wondering. My voice has faded from shouting for straight 13 hours. Today I really wanted a rest so I went to go find my mother in the Almshouse widow. Until now, my income was too little that I need my mother's help. While traveling, I saw the second estate and I bowed as obeisance. Respecting the second and the first estates in my daily routine now. When will I ever get to wear luxurious clothes with my own cook and private servants? Even with their dirty look toward us, the third estate, we try to get accepted by them and ask for help. I envy them and blame my mother for my life. Anyways, after several hours of walking with all the bundle of materials need for knife sharpening, I finally arrival to a little shack deep inside the forest. I anxiously ran in and reunited with my mom. My little brother was also there. He is a poor innocent thing who started to steal things to continue living. He's job now became a thief. First, I felt pity for him but as time passed he great partner and income to me. I order my mother to give my 70% of her support from the first estate. After living in the horrible condition with beggars and furious people, I learned that no one is good to trust. No one is next to me and will go for me. Gaining the 70% of her income, I went toward my brother and told him to go steal and murder people so I can sharp his knife for him. My brother was horrified by me but like I cared. He refused and I was incense. As soon as he saw me in tremendous fear, he handed me all his knives. Some of those knives were totally damaged so I charged quite few and I was extremely happy. Today was a great day. All I want is money money money. Profit. Without money I die!

The nobles viewed in the streets

Diary Entry #2 - Sep. 9th, 1791

Everyone was busy fighting against the government wanting a change. They wanted better and a stable country with well-organized politics and social classes. We were starving to death. Past few months have been dreadful. I’ve earned only 30% of my normal income and now I barely eat. After a lot of thinking, I decide to head to the Almshouse Widow to view my mother Adeline Houde. Even though I was selfish toward her I definitely thought that she would provide me with not warm but at least with food. However when I greeted her, she was in shock. Her facial expression was like Why is she here? I don’t want her here. Even with the rude facial greeting, I controlled my temper and asked her for some food. Unexpectedly, she rejected my request and I was terribly mad. She said she doesn’t have enough food to give me. I was really angry. But the thing that made me even angry was that when my brother, Gustave came, she gave him a loft of bread. She might thought I left however I was right underneath the tree seeing the discrimination between my brother and me. How can a mother do this to me? I don’t understand it. Even if I did somethings bad, she should have understood me and help me. What a great mother.


Diary Entry #3 - Nov. 22th, 1805

After the revolution, I met the city small restaurant cook and butcher. I was glad to meet them after the bloody revolution. We shared different stories but mainly about Napoleon’s achievement that comforted us. The Cook and the butcher thought Napoleon was a great influence to the French revolution. They defended their opinion by stating that not only he helped to defeat the French royalist who were attacking the National Assembly but also created the Napoleonic Code. The Napoleon code has brought order and rights back to the citizens. They both thought that this code was very effective and helpful. We had an equal tax payment and like as a third estate wasn’t that complication as before. I agreed to their ideas but I questioned them. Why would Napoleon every help France? I support that this code changed France in to a more
trustworthy and stable country after all. However I didn’t think Napoleon was a great influence to France. After all this amazing achievements, he gain the throne and started to use France as a supply to conquer and expand lands. His intention of the help didn’t make me think he was an positive impactor. We all try to interpret the question but we didn’t get a concrete reason. But I really wonder what cause him to bring him here and to help France?