Diary Entry #3

January 4, 1793

It’s been a while since I wrote my journal. After the pesants attacked Versailles palace, I completely lost all of my power. They locked me into this place where I was able to move around, but not go out. I was tired of this life with people treating me as if I’m not a king. I had a limited amount of freedom and I wasn’t able to see me children. So I decided to escape to Austria with my wife, where my wife’s brother lives. Her brother was a king of Austria who didn’t really want to accept us. He was worried that the same thing could happen in Austria.

But Marie and I eventually planned to flee the country by dressing as a servant of king. We dressed our two of servants as a king and queen and we tried to escape from this place. My plan was to escape from this place and hide into the countryside. Countryside was definitely safer than the city. By living there few days, we will be able to gather money that’ll allow us to escape to Austria. We started our plan it took only few days until we got caught by the soldiers. The soldiers carried us back to the castle. I thought that this time, they’ll treat us more harshly. I even thought that they might put us into a prison. But all my predictions were wrong.

People voted for execution of the king. I obviously thought that they won’t be able to kill me, because I was still the ‘king’ of this country. Although I lost all my powers, it was not right to kil the king. Unexpectedly, the actually took the action. I was put into the execution place and killed. After I died, a new, powerful leader appeared in France. His name was Napoleon Bonaparte, who successfully ruled France.


This is a picture of me getting executed

Diary Entry #2

July 14, 1789

Today, I was having a ordinary day spending time with my family. These days, there are so many things going on in France. Few days ago, the National Assembly break through the palace and stayed in the tennis court until their votes are passed. I was so confused about what I should do. So I decided to make a peace with them. I persuaded the first and second Estate to join the National Assembly. By making peace with them, I could have some rest for few days. Suddenly, I heard that prison Bastille is under attack by the Parisians. I was absolutely shocked and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t expect the Parisians to rebel against me. I couldn’t do anything except staying in the palace being secured from my guards, and protect my wife and the children.

I was waiting for my soldiers to bring me a good news. I wanted my guards to successfully stop the Parisians. Soon, one of the soldiers came to Versailles Palace to give me a report. He reported that the Parisians took all the weapons and gunpowders in Bastille. Now, it was matter of time the Parisians are going to attack my palace. All I could do was to prepare more soldiers to protect the palace. But I knew that it was no longer defendable. I knew that since they’ve gained the gunpowders, they’ll eventually reach the palace soon. Once they got the weapon, they are way more powerful than my soldiers. They outnumbered our soldiers. Now, I should think of a way to make a peace with them or fled this place.

Versailles Palace where I placed all my guards to protect my family and me.

Diary Entry #1

May 5, 1788

Today was a normal day as usual, and I woke up really early. The servants were ready to serve for me. As usual, I had delicious breakfast with my family and we discussed about plan of the day. When I finished eating, I walked around Versailles Palace with my servants and officials, talking about what is going on in France. The officials told me that there are serious poverty going on in the lower classes. Some of the people from third estate desired several things from me such as putting taxes on nobles and each person has a property to work. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I asked my government officials about what I should do. They also couldn’t find a solution to help the third estate. So I decided to leave the third estate alone and just consider about myself.

After talking about the economy in France, I had a spare time to spend. I went to visit my children and see how they are doing. Also, I bought a new clothes that would fit me. These days, I ran out of good clothes, so I needed new clothes. Since I gained so much stress from the France’s economy report, I needed to refresh my mind and enjoy my day as usual. I think nothing is better than playing with my families and do whatever I want to do. Governing a country is a hard work that I’m not really interested of.

For dinner, I ate the most expensive food today. I ordered my servants to bring the most delicious food in France for tonight’s dinner. It is important for me to eat the best foods in France, since I’m a king. After the dinner, I tried the clothes that I bought today. All of them fit me well, and I was ready to sleep.

Picture of third estates who suffered poverty and hunger

Name: Louis Auguste de France

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Occupation: King

Social Class: Royal Family

Financial situation: Extremely wealthy

Appearance: Kind of fat and wears expensive and luxurious clothing.

Location of home and/or business: Must be in the Paris region, but doesn't have to be IN Paris:

Lived in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France.

Habitual locations: Versailles Palace

Daily routine:


-Wakes up, and his servants help him to get dressed up.

-Gets ready for breakfast with his family, and the servants provide him the best quality food in France


-Have a lunch and walks around Versailles Palace

-Do whatever he wants during his spare time and spends some time with his family.


-Eat high quality dinner and do whatever he wants

-Goes to sleep

Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: Has an ambivalent personality and mentally dull about his role.

Past / Family History: Great-grandson of Louis XVI

Family: Married Antoinette Queen of France and have four children.

Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings
about them):

Only knows and hangs out with high class people. Doesn’t know anyone form the third estate except his workers.

Religion: Roman Catholic

Education: Well educated

Style of speaking (i.e. formal, "down-to-earth", crude): He talks like an highly educated person with confidence.

Main privileges and/or conflicts: He had absolute power over anything.

Portrait (avoid anachronisms -- clothing or objects in your portrait that are from the wrong time period):