Name: Isabelle Desjardins

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Occupation: Peasant

Social Class: Third Estate

Financial Situation: Very poor. Can barely feed herself because she works for a countess that is getting less wealthier by the day.

Appearance: Has rosy cheeks from working outside in the cold, lush brown hair that she always puts up in a bun, and blue eyes. She likes to smile once in a while, but not often. She's a very serious person and works very hard. She has a very thin and frail body because of lack of nutrition and food.

Location of home: The outskirts of Paris.

Habitual Locations: Her home, countess's home, and farmland.

Daily Routine:
6 AM~12 PM: Work on the farmlands
12 PM~12:05 PM: Eat a little piece of bread
12:05 PM~5 PM: Work on the farmlands
5 PM~5:20 PM: Eat some bread with soup
5:20 PM~6 PM: Get the countess's children ready for bed
6 PM~8 PM: Clean the house up
8 PM: Get ready to go home
9 PM: Sleep

Personality (unique) traits: Quiet and works very diligently. Whenever she gets mad, she doesn't really show it.

Past family history:Family has never been wealthy and had to start working at the age of 14 because of financial issues. Everyone in her family has died except for her one sister. She is also a peasant that is working on for another wealthy family. She was married to John
Desjardins, but he died of smallpox when she was 16.

Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings about them): Since she is on the quiet side, she doesn't have many friends and she is not that close with the countess as well because all she does is works and they never have long conversations about life.

Religion: Catholic

Education: No education. Just has been taught how to farm by her parents when she was little. Cannot read or write.

Style of speaking: Since she rarely speaks, her English isn't very good. She still needs lots of practice. Has slight grammar errors when she speaks. She talks in a very polite sincere way.

Main privileges and/or conflicts: No privileges.

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Diary Entry #1

December 12, 1788
Dear Diary,

I've been working day and night, very hard because it's wintertime and the crops need to be harvested before the weather gets too cold for them to grow. Life's been hard these days because the countess has been loosing a lot of money after her husband died and she's been paying me very deficiently these days. I only eat a piece of bread for lunch and a little more bread for dinner with some soup. I get some snacks in between when the countess is feeling generous. However, she likes to go to a lot of parties and she's never really home to watch over the children. Everyday is the same for me. I wake up, go to the countess's farmland, work, get her children ready for bed, come home, and sleep. Now that the weather's getting cold, it's very hard for me to farm and also the way back home is not a short distance. Today was extra cold and so since my house is only made of twigs and hay, the wind just sweeps through. I have a very limited amount of blankets to cover myself up. Life's been very lonely and sad after my husband died two years ago. I think I caught a cold because I've been feeling a bit feverish and dizzy lately. I needed to hire a day laborer because i was feeling so sick today! I just hope for the best each day and that I survive each winter.

-Isabelle Desjardins
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Diary Entry #2

October 4, 1789
Dear Diary,

Today was a very different day for me because the countess needed me to go to the market to get some milk for the family! So I went to my close friend, Renée Necoy, the milkmaid to buy one jug of milk since money's very scarce and we need to save up for bread each day. I'm just glad to help my friend's business out because life's been hard these days. King Louis XIV hasn't been concentrating on the country and so money is not coming in, but taxes are going up. Since I'm a peasant, I need to pay the taxes no matter what. Since I don't get much money from the countess, I can barely pay the taxes and feed myself. Sometimes I just wish that I wasn't living. My stomach is empty most of the times and I'm dehydrated. I feel like my body's rotting day by day because my hands feel hard and cold from the harsh weather. The only way to make money is just by working all my might. It's that time of the year again when we have to start harvesting crops, so I don't even have any time to sleep! I hope to see a better future, Louis XVI.

-Isabelle Desjardins

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Diary Entry #3

June 7, 1803
Dear Diary,

Life's been very good lately after Napoleon Bonaparte started ruling. Napoleon started to make tons of changes to France, and it's been great! He made paying taxes more fair and orderly, so I've been eating more efficiently and every time I go to pay my taxes, I feel proud because everyone's paying an even amount. The government is now also on a steady supply of money, and that means I don't have to worry about paying more taxes in the future! I love this new system of paying my taxes. I've also been getting lessons at my local school early in the morning before my shift. I'm slowly learning how to read and write. I think the best part about the changes in the government is that everyone has the same rights as everyone else. I recently heard that Napoleon decided to sell the Louisiana Territory! When I heard this, I was actually glad that Napoleon made this decision. We weren't even using that chunk of land and it gave us a load of money to save up for wars and battles. That's my life nowadays, but today was a pretty busy day for me because I needed to go and buy some cheese for the dinner the countess wanted to eat. I went to my local cheese maker and bought 3 pounds of cheddar cheese. There's an interesting story to when I was walking back home. While I was walking home, I saw a beggar on the streets wanting a piece of my cheese. I felt really bad, so I cut off a piece and handed it to him. He ate it so fast, I didn't even know he chewed or not. I've been a little tired lately since the weather's getting hot and I have to work out in the fields everyday. I hope the best everyday, and pray that nothing bad will happen.

-Isabelle Desjardins

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