Name: Gustave Houde

Age: 17

Gender: male

Occupation: thief

Social Class: third estate

Financial situation: Unstable. There are times when his job is not very risky and he can steal large sums of money. However there are also times when security is more tight, or he is simply unable to find a good target to steal money from.

Appearance: Tall and lean, has white blonde hair, brown eyes, and thick arched eyebrows. His clothing changes depending on what he can find that day, but he always puts on his mud-stained, filthy boots (mud-stained from running around the dirty corners and streets of Paris).

Location of home and/or business: Must be in the Paris region, but doesn't have to be IN Paris: (Use these maps to find your neighborhood: __Map of France__, __Map of Paris__ ): He lives in Paris. There isn't a specific location of his home and his business since he is a thief, but he finds places to sleep and does his job(stealing) in Paris.

Habitual locations: Prison (when he is caught), alms house (he often visits his mother who lives here), and inns (change inns often to avoid being found out).

Daily routine:

6:00-7:30am >> wake up and pack his belongings to move to another inn

7:30-8:00am >> if he did not collect enough money from the previous day, he does not eat breakfast. However if money allows, he finds bread and milk

8:00-10:00am >> head to the alms house (sometimes he goes to his sister's house)

10:00am-1:00pm >> give his mother, the breakfast he found. Stay by his mother, clean and talk with her.

1:00-3:00pm >> heads back to the town he came from

3:00-4:00pm >> take a careful stroll around town, to pick up any news, but also being aware not to do something that’ll give himself away

4:00-6:30pm >> finds himself a new inn to stay in.

6:30-6:50pm >> unpacks his belongings, and leave the house to go to the pub

6:50-7:20pm >> gets into the pub, looking for good targets

7:20-9:00pm >> often find himself still in pubs, waiting for a drunk man. Sometimes he will leave the pub into the streets, wandering around the corners and darker streets. If he is lucky, he would be finding himself dinner during this time but this rarely happens.

9:00-10:00pm >> After stealing is accomplished, he’ll find himself a descent dinner at the pub.

10:00 - 11:30pm >> gets himself back as soon as possible and falls asleep

Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: Very sneaky, stealthy, humorous, very honest (that’s why he is often caught, because he gives away himself sometimes) and is a very faithful son.

Past / Family History: Dad had been executed for stealing (his Dad was a well-known thief)

Family: Dad (dead), Mother (alive, lives in Alms house as a widow), Sister (Knife Sharpener)

Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings about them): Does not enjoy being around people, and does not trust anyone after the death of his father. He is afraid of being too exposed, therefore does not come in contact with a lot of people. A few would be servers in the pub, and a couple friendly inn owners. He does not know anyone else in other estates, but he despises them greatly, and hopes for someone to rise up, and turn over this terrible division in classes.

Religion: He is a atheist. Although he was brought up in a Catholic family, and his mother is a strong Catholic, he prefers to remain a non-believer.

Education: Did receive some education because he was the only son in the family. However due to bad financial problems, he wasn't able to finish school. He knows how to read and write a few things, and is quite intelligent, considering the amount of education he received.

Style of speaking (i.e. formal, "down-to-earth", crude): He speaks quite daringly. He speaks in a very quipping and sarcastic manner.

Main privileges and/or conflicts: If luck is with him, he is able to find more money than what others (who have similar financial situation as he) will get. However the bad thing about being a thief is that, it isn’t a stable job. You won’t always have luck. Some days, he will starve, some days he won’t be able to find an inn, sometimes he will even get caught and be thrown into prison. That is why he has only his thumb on his right hand (and this hinders his job).

Portrait (avoid anachronisms -- clothing or objects in your portrait that are from the wrong time period): The guy with blonde hair

external image Cartouche2.JPG

1 Diary Entry

March 15th 1788

Yesterday, quite different from my normal routine, I visited my friend's house. She wasn't very thrilled to see me. I could tell by the look on her face. However I was invited in. I didn't really have a purpose in my visit, but I wanted to drop in to see how things were. Like usual, there wasn't much conversation. The young ones were chattering away, and her husband has gone away for a while. It took a long while till she finally asked how I was doing. I told her it was manageable, and she went straight back to her work. Sometimes I look at her and wonder why I wasn't able to become someone like her. Only if I had taken a different route, I wouldn't end up as who I am. Although I live off by stealing, this job made me sick to the stomach ever since the beginning. While people are starving away, I have nothing to do but steal for my own survival. Terrible job, I must say.

I wasn't able to find any breakfast because I visited my friend. I did ask her for some food, but she refused to give me even a crumb of bread. Quite true, she has her children to feed, so why would she bother to give me any in this crisis. The price of bread is rising so much, I have to find better targets these days if I don't want to starve. I aim for people with money bags jingling from their sides. Usually those who can afford the bread are ones from the higher estates. Perfect targets, I must say. They certainly don't need that many coins in their purses. They'll become pigs from too much bread and wine!

I wasn't able to find myself an inn to stay in last night, so I slept on the damp and filthy streets of Paris, along with a couple of stinky beggars. Good grief, I'm at least talented in my job. There are a few who attempt to steal, but the ones who aren't sneaky enough are never able to find a way out. My routine is badly broken these days. Today I was too worn out from yesterday, sleeping on the cold streets, I wasn't able to make it to the Alms house. Mother must be waiting for me desperately in Alms house. She's a lonely Almshouse widow. Mother is growing old everyday, and the amount of money sister Marie and I earn isn't enough to support the whole family. We can't even supply enough for our own selves. Because the Alms house provide shelter and food, Marie and I decided it would be okay if she remained there. However, the way she's always worn out due to fatigue always stabs me in the heart. That is why I try to visit her as often as I can. When I visit her tomorrow, I must apologize for my absence. Meanwhile, I must find myself an inn, and search for a better target. I've starved for two days. Its uncommon for folks like me to eat three meals a day, but eating nothing for two consecutive days has really given a big blow in my stomach. Ah, it rumbles again.

2nd Diary Entry

September 9th 1791

There are people dying around me. Dying of hunger, dying from war. The term revolution has been around for a while. I'm beginning to wonder when it will ever end. People are turning against monarchs and creating what they call documents. It looks like a piece of paper to me. There are some who are very enthusiastic and involved in this activity. Quite recently, the assembly has drawn up a new constitution that gives our king limited power. I haven't got any idea what they are talking about, but I'm just recalling the things I've heard. How could it possibly make sense? To limit a king's power? I am a little slow, but this isn't a matter of being slow or quick to understand. Grasping onto a new fact: weak king, is really hard to give in to. Haven't kings always been the powerful and authoritative ones? Aren't they the ones that make laws, throw extravagant parties? Aren't they the ones who wave their hands to dismiss the ones they don't favor, and the next day that man will be no more? What has happened to my country, and why is there so many who accept this new truth as if nothing else matters?

Men are being sent to battles currently happening by the borders. People are claiming that King Louis XVI is helping foreign countries win this war. I quite disagree to this. Why would the king be helping other people? Although some say, its the slyness and stealth that the king possesses that allows him to do such a disgrace, that is a controversial topic. The king has tried to tell the individuals of France, that he is for them and willings to aid the French. Why would he be backfiring France, and sending information to another country? Perhaps its not the king, but the queen's doing? She does have relatives over in Austria. She's an Austrian woman! That much, I do know.

Visiting Mother, has been hard to do, but I made sure to go see her today. She was in a worse condition. France turning into turmoil must've caused her some distress. After all, my mother is truly a great lover of France. She is not against the revolution, but for the revolution. I don't understand why she would want democracy. They aren't very realistic ideas, and in fact, they're quite dangerous. I can't believe the intelligent people of France has given in to such hazardous ideas! Mother and I have had a series of controversy the past few days. Mother believes France must reestablish our government so the people may gain individual rights, and create a new law that limits the power from a single man. I do not understand why she thinks so. Why limit the powers of the king? He has been a useless king indeed, but we can find a new replacement for the current king we have! Why do such a risky and hard to accomplish activity, when you simply have to comply to the higher rankers, and continue fix France back into a peaceful country it once was? My views on revolution is so different from hers. Both of us seem to find it hard to accept what the other party thinks. A dispute between my mother and I rarely happens. However, it seems revolution has caused not only France to spilt and scatter, but families as well.

Sister Marie has been very enthusiastic talking about the National Assembly. They've branched out to a new assembly, naming it Legislative Assembly. Marie is a very busy woman. She works from sunrise till sunset, and travels long distances crying out "Knife sharpening~" which makes her voice hoarse often. During her long distance travel, she hears a lot of rumors, gossips and information. When I visited her today in her current settlement, she told me that people's talk has been all focused on that and a figure named Robbespierre. I don't feel like knowing all this, but my ears have to perk up for recent news. Talk and gossip provides me information for my job. Marie is very intrigued by the idea of revolution. (I hope she does not use her knife sharpening skills to sharpen knives and attack along with the revolutionaries) and I can't seem to agree with her. I'm afraid the foreign countries will invade France quite soon, and I'm afraid many more will die. However, its not like I possess the power to control things the way I'd like. If only I had the power to go against the stupid Parisian mobs.

Stealing has been so easy to accomplish in this disastrous Paris city, but I still can't collect enough. The innkeeper told me about France's unstable economic condition due to consecutive catastrophic events that are not being solved in France. I truly do hope I can get in better terms with Mother, and I shall pray for tranquil in France once again. It seems like ages from when France was an elegant city with pleasant music, and peace.

3rd Diary Entry

November 27 1803

Revolution has finally ended. Or has it? During the days of revolution, I've discovered a side I fit in. It was the National Assembly's moderates. I really favored the idea of limiting the power of the monarch, yet still giving him the opportunity to keep our country stable and secure, leading us to great developments. What imbeciles those jacobins were. They completely destroyed my hope of having this country revived into a better one! They just went off to establish a republic! I am very upset.

Now its the reign of Napoleon. Recently I've visited Renée Necoy, my sister's dearest friend. She has been my sister's friend when Marie worked as a milkmaid at the age 14. She has always despised that job and left, but it seemed Renée Necoy still enjoys it. It was a very sudden encounter with her. I was sliding my hand into her pouch, reaching for that glistening brown pouch, but she suddenly turned and I jolted. "What a surprise!" she cried when she noticed me. She told me I looked familiar, and it took her a long time to finally recognize me. She invited me over to her house. I watched her lifeless children crumpled in the corner, toying with their shirt. I passed those little poor souls into the kitchen, and there we talked about her situation. She is a strong believer, a proud Catholic woman. She's been upset when revolution has crumbled down the Catholic Church, but tells me she is absolutely thankful for kind sir Napoleon to have restored some power back to the church. She's been enthusiastic about doing her religious practices once again. She tells me, it puts her in peace to have a strong and sturdy leaning pole she can lay her back on when things go wrong. I do not see how the Church can possibly be a strong and sturdy church, when it has just barely restored its power from a complete destruction. Absolutely absurd, but I did not mouth this. I do not see a reason why this man has become so popular amongst the French. He has simply won French men's favor when he fought against the French royalists. He seems to be continuously pushing it. I have a bad feeling about this Napoleon. I truly hope he does not start another severe crisis. I've had enough trying to survive through one.

My plan to steal has failed today. It seems security has somewhat risen since things got slightly back to order. Some time during 12:00 noon, I spotted a young woman, who was embedded in jewels and covered with laces. Rich. Fancy. Appealing. Countess. Through my encounter with many people, I can now tell who is who and what he or she might do. I tipped my hat to her, to feign respect. Then, as silent as a street cat, I stalked her from close behind. She must've felt bothered with her servants so close behind her, ready to jump at anyone if something was to happen. She gave them a little wave, and they fell back. I quickly ran through the shortest path to catch up with her. I heard her talking, and jumped back. She was talking to another countess. I couldn't believe my very own eyes. Countesses in this very town. My ears perked up and I eavesdropped. The countess in green silk was talking about Napoleon and his abandonment of the New World plans. She told the countess I've previously saw, that her husband thinks its absurd he has sold the Louisiana Territory France held as the backup plan. Green silk countess's husband must really hate Napoleon. The countess in blue silk gown (the one I've previously met) begin to chatter about how great a man Napoleon was. Although he may be short, he is handsome and does well with his sword. He has won battles and even dared to obtain triumph over the New World. "It is very unfortunate he made the decision to return". The other woman snorted and gave a long explanation about the ridiculous laws he has established, such as giving all citizens the same rights and building public schools. She thought of it as a waste of money. That angered me. If only young French children receive their education, they can be more successful and do not have to go through the trouble like myself. I've regretted my end of education every since Mother pulled me out from school, and I always wonder what might've happened to me if I could've learned the things left unlearnt.

In the end, I stole from the countess countess I haven't previously met. The one dressed in green silk. The one with that Napoleon-hater husband. The one who thought public schools were absurd. The other countess seemed to have a lot of good points in her. Perhaps I'm attracted? How can I be. Although the estates has faded away, the sense of what class one belongs to still lingers around the people of Paris. I wonder if Napoleon will do anything about it. Will Napoleon be able to exceed my expectations, and develop France? Or will he be like Robespierre, bringing another reign of terror, or perhaps worse?

Profile: 10/10
Diary 1: No image 9/10
Diary 2: No image 9/10
Diary 3: 10/10