Name:Anatole José Bousquet


Gender: M

Occupation:Versailles gardener

Social Class:Third Estate

Financial Situation:Poor, not enough money for himself and his family.

- Little bit tall(175cm)
- Not too chubby
- Blond hair and blue eyes

Location of home:Boulevard Arago(street in Paris)

Habitual Locations:Friend's house or somewhere around the street

Daily Routine:
6-7AM: Wake up and get ready for the work
7-7:30:Walk to the garden of bersailles
8AM-1PM-Work in a garden
1-2PM:Rest and eat or drink something
2-7PM:Work again
7-7:30PM:Go to home

Personality traits:Quiet,not social and lonely

Past/Family History:Anatole's wife and his children run away without him, because he doesn't have enough money to live. His friends has left him, because he is not rich. All of his family members are not helping him to live with his family. He needed enough money and job to earn money after when he has enough money to go back home.

Social relations with your own and other classes:
- doesn't have any friend from first estate but has few friends from second estate
- nice to person that he already knows

Religion:Roman Catholic

Education:didn't graduated or finished secondary school.

Style of speaking:use slangs, but also tried to speak formally.

Main privileges and/or conflicts:
Don't know how to make many money, how to get an ordinary life with a happiness.


Diary Entry 1
17 December,1788

Dear Diary,
Waking up by people's talking and walking and running. Trying to live happily but always depressed to work hard. I'm walking to my work place. Then when I arrive I work hard to earn money and live my life for myself and my family. My job gardening is not very hard but it can be hardworking. It needs strength and skills to work. I don't get much money for working, but at leas some money to buy food and live. These days I'm thinking to working really hard and then I can live with my family happy. Like first estate people. It makes me smile only imagining those things.Except my family, my friends who are in second estate cheers me up by helping and talking. I get lots of advise from them how to become an second estate. I learn many things from them. When I'm tired, I think of my family and friends to wake me up and work hard again. Until I can live like first estate people.

Diary Entry 2
24 July, 1789

Dear Diary,
Revolution has begun! It's most heavy atmosphere in the streets. People are frightened and afraid. The street is quiet and in panic. Normally the street is noisy, bright and happy with shops, people and animals. People are getting out guns and knifes to prepare. Walking on a street was strange, people looking at me like I'm weird. When I was keep walking to the work I met a young boy who is a day laborer. I asked him if he could work for me today. He said he can do it, so I payed him 50 cent.

Then I was walking down the streets and I met young man who is estate manager. He is also third estate, but he doesn't look like third estate. I wanted to have conversation with him, but he was busy with working. But I keep tried to stop him and have a conversation. After 5 minutes I had conversation with him about how can I earn more money and have better occupation. He answered my questions in logical way. It was quite good to have conversation with him. I thought I will visit my family's house. I went to their house and spend time. I hadn't spend time with them much. I was making sure that they are all ok.

Diary Entry 3
5 January, 1802

Dear Diary,
The time is going on really quickly. It feels like I wrote my diary yesterday, but it has been 13 years that I haven't wrote my diary. During last 13 years I was so complicated and busy about the revolution. It is most dreadful and bloody event. Except revolution my life was so simple. Everyday I was just working, eating and sleeping. It is like that I have scheduled my life. Today, as usual walking down the streets going to my work. I saw thief, he was trying to steal money from young girl who fairly looked rich. I ran to him and try to stop him. But he was stronger and faster than me. He disappeared like a wind when he notice that I was trying to catch him. The young girl was saying thank you.

After saving young girl, I was keep walking then I saw newspaper editor trying to interview King Louis and his wife. I wanted to hear what they are talking about. So I was standing quite close to them and try to listen their conversation. They were talking about the revolution. The newspaper editor was asking them so much questions in one time. But they answered it well and clearly.

I had to go to work so I moved on and keep walking to my work. It was quite interesting events happened today. I had fun to watch and experience some new things.

Profile: Good. 10/10
Diary 1: No links, no image. 7.5/10
Diary 2: " " 7.5/10
Diary 3: " " 7.5/10