Name: John Smith
Age: 40 years old
Gender: Male
Occupation: American Diplomat
Social Class: None
Financial situation: Not really wealthy nor poor. Represents and supports America.
Appearance: Lean and relatively tall. I am also tidy but only have few teeth because dental care wasn't really developed.
Location of home and/or business: Neuilly
Habitual locations: Neuilly
Daily routine:
Morning- Eat breakfast served by James Darkwood. Leave for work
Afternoon- Travel around a lot. I spend most of my time in foreign Countries. In this case, I'm staying in France, where I attend meetings that involve local issues. I record all the informations and report them to America.
Evening- Come home at about 11 and eat dinner. Darkwood would sometimes help me with my work because I would be overloaded with documents that are recorded during my job. I usually sleep at about 2:00 AM.
Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: Generous but also argumentative because I am involved in country debates and activities.
Past/individual-family history: My life was mostly miserable. I grew up with perfectly normal parents but they both died due to the war against Britain for Independence. I couldn't marry and have kids due to the hardship so I grew up alone and became an American Diplomat because I wanted peace for America and other countries. Since I had no time for cooking, washing clothes, and do all the housework, I eventually took in a house servant called James Darkwood for assistance.
Family: Father- Gregory Smith Mother- Selena Smith
Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings about them): I have a servant named James Darkwood. I got to meet him by the master and servant act. He is also the same Religion as me and have similar opinions about the Revolution. I never treat my servant like an animal. We help each other out in difficult situations.
Religion: Catholic
Education: Very Educated
Style of speaking (i.e. formal, "down-to-earth", crude): Fluent in English. Uses French well but can have some errors. Talks slowly and with definite pronunciations for both languages. Formal with his language.
Languages you speak: English & French
Main privileges and/or conflicts: Exhausted with traveling and the amount of work I have to do. Mostly ship lagged. Upset about the situation of his family which are all dead.
Portrait (avoid anachronisms -- clothing or objects in your portrait that are from the wrong time period):

Diary Entry #1 1788:

Dear Diary,

Today was my first day in France. As usual, I've been to many other Countries due to my busy occupation. Although the job was painful, I really love meeting new people, adventuring, and experiencing various cultures. My servant, James Darkwood and I recently arrived in Neuilly. We got to stay here for a descent amount of time and had all our belongings. The Country was gorgeous with castles and palaces. However, I noticed that the citizens were in a hurry and carried apprehensive faces. They all protected their houses even though they had no problem. I asked a nearby farmer why their behaviors were so peculiar and he simply said that harvesting got poor and that bread became so expensive. According to this man, the cost of bread increased to 18 sous which would be about a pound of silver. I thought he was joking but it was actually true; people were aware of their houses when they leave and even when they're under their arms. Moreover, some men stole bread by breaking into other houses. To forget what I just witnessed, I focused on my business in France. I finally arrived for the first diplomacy meeting. As usual, we started conducting negotiations with different subjects such as peace-making, trades, wars economics, and culture. Everything was going fine until I mentioned the word "pain" meaning bread in French. The atmosphere was uncomfortable and awkward. I guess bread is becoming a serious topic in France.


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Diary Entry #2 1799

Dear Diary,

A year has past and I've been used to the disordered circumstances in France. But luckily, most of the things were settled down. I've been working the past few months to make peace between foreign Countries and to represent America. I attended many meetings new places with my trustworthy servant. Still, I am not fully experienced with the French culture and conditions. However, I also met many new people, which I love to do. Among the people I met, I think Claudia Gaston was the most interesting person I've ever met while settle in France. She was kind and gave me interesting facts about the environment in France. Gaston is a 55 year old fishmonger that lives in Ville d'Avray. I met her while touring around the city of Paris. Although she is in the Third Estate, she isn't failing with her financial situation. Through Gaston, I learned that the three Estates was an important system for France. The first would have Roman-Catholic Clergies. The second would have Rich Nobles, and the third contains city workers and peasants. Among the three, unfortunately, Gaston stuck up with the hardworking workers. Gaston didn't have much rights so she had difficulties in her life. However, the craziness of the bread was a bit of benefit for Gaston. Instead of being complaining about the price, smarter people came to buy fish and other foods to fill their stomach. She had many connections with me too. We have the same religion and situations between family relationships. Unfortunately, her husband and son were both dead due to severe diseases which would be a similar case for me too. Through meeting this fishmonger, I took another step forward to
learn more about France and it's process of being a better country.


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Diary Entry #3
Dear Diary,
I started my day with my servant helping me with some breakfast. It was a normal day but things have changed after Robespierre died few years ago. Everything seemed peaceful during Napoleon's leadership but things are getting messed up again due to his power over France. Since he loves dominance over people, there are many events going on with Napoleon ruling. As usual I read the newspaper this morning by a famous news paper editor called André Cadet. It said that Napoleon made another attempt to crush Britain with his troops. I was sickened by this information because few months ago, he also tried to make his brother the king of Spain and also tried to conquer Russia. Of course, he failed every one of those attempts. I thought he was a good leader in the beginning by making tax collection more fair and orderly gave the church back some power. In the beginning, I used to trail Napoleons fair and wise leadership but I guess he's having difficulties currently. I thought I was the only one with these opinions about his behavior but it wasn't only me. I met a tailor who had the same attitude. His name is Léon Fortescue is a 24 year old young man who lives near Neuilly. According to Fortescue, many people are opposing Napoleon's management of France. He also was a supporter of Napoleon but after he was drunk with his position, Fortescue turned his back against the leader. I'm glad that I'm not the only person who didn't support Napoleon. After about a decade in France, I think I became an expert about French's circumstances and the major events that is going on.

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Profile: Portrait is anachronistic -- no suits and ties in the 18th century! 9.5/10
Journal 1: 10/10
Journal 2: How is an illustration of a medieval knight, monk and serf appropriate? 9/10
Journal 3: 10/10