The Wealth of King Louis XVI

During the French Revolution, there was almost no food, no warmth, and no money. Although, life for the wealthy was not very bad. For the people that were poor, King Louis XVI made their lives even more miserable due to the high prices on food. For example bread. Some people even rebelled.

In the French Revolutionary era, the last monarch of France, King Louis XVI was reigning in France. King Louis was born into debt and also borrowed in order to help against Great Britain. He didn't raise the taxes. He put it to the side until France was almost bankrupt. He tried to tax the aristocrats and the Second Estate made him to have a meeting with the Estates-General to get approval. He was an absolute monarch, but at the same time not that absolute either. Louis was not a very bright leader and enjoyed leisure and entertainment, such as partying. Him and his queen, Marie Antoinette, wasted France’s treasury, as you can see in the picture, he wore fancy and luxurious clothing. It was also said that Marie Antoinette spent lots of money on jewels, fashion, etc. France's King and Queen, without much thought, wasted the country’s wealth on useless things together with rich nobles. The people starved due to sky-rocketing price of food.

King Louis XVI

King Louis XVI was one of the very wealthy at the time. However, he spent a big portion of money on the royal palace at Versailles on August 24, 1754. He was the type of man that would carelessly spend his wealth. The palace of Versailles took a maximum of 36 000 builders and took over a year.

Palace of Versailles

King Louis XVI was not a suitable King for France. There was many reasons for this but I think the main reason was because after several years of being on the throne, King Louis was diagnosed with a condition called phimosis. This was treatable, but because of this, there were many problems. After the treatment, which was surgery, the couple had their first child and eventually had four children. This was not the main issue because they had so much wealth. Providing for his family was not a problem. If this situation occurred to a family that was poor, the chances of the children surviving would be small.

King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette


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